Many senior managers and executives have important questions about their career and personal growth, and want to ensure that they continue to be successful. Coaching is a very personal process, designed to meet the unique needs of each client. Typical coaching engagements might focus on:

  • The senior manager or executive who is at a career cross-road, and wants to ensure that they make the right move in the future.

  • The individual who has interpersonal or style issues that are inhibiting their overall effectiveness.

  • The proactive leader who seeks feedback from an external coach about new approaches and techniques to enhance their management and leadership capabilities.

  • The high potential manager who is being groomed for a leadership role.

Our approach focuses on defining clear coaching objectives and achieving measurable results. Often, we make use of leadership development assessment or 360 feedback. Decisions about your career are tremendously important. We provide our coaching clients with workable tools and techniques as well as objective information to help them make sound career and personal decisions.

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