We have conducted opinion surveys for a broad range of organizations world-wide. By identifying what your employees think about important aspects of their jobs, an opinion survey helps to open up communication channels within your company and provides you with a built-in suggestion system. This information is invaluable in providing organizations with an objective basis for strategic human resources planning.

Our opinion surveys are custom-designed in consultation with key personnel and executives in your organization. A survey should do more than simply identify areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction. To be an effective and powerful tool, an employee opinion survey must:

  • Zero in on specifics within departments, branches and employee categories.

  • Provide a quantitative measure of the extent of satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

  • Provide a descriptive measure in the form of examples of issues or problems.

  • Identify the causes of problems or areas of dissatisfaction.

  • Provide a baseline against which you can compare future survey results and monitor trends.

  • Allow you to compare your survey results to those of other organizations.

  • Provide action oriented suggestions and recommendations to maintain areas of strength and address issues or areas of concern.

We have the capability to conduct on-line surveys as well as more traditional paper and pencil surveys. In addition to quantitative surveys, we also conduct focus groups and sensing sessions. These interventions are valuable when you want to test the pulse of a smaller group, or you need to probe more sensitive issues in depth.
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