Organizational change is a fact of life. Sometimes however, the pace of change, uncertainty or changing priorities make it difficult for people to work together as effectively as they could. In such cases a team-building experience can pull coworkers together, enable them to identify with a common cause or set of goals and achieve mutual understanding. Some of the issues typically explored include:

  • An overall assessment of the department/organization. What is working, what is not working, and what is amenable to change?

  • What are the organization’s mission, vision and values? How can participants “walk the talk” and integrate these concepts into their own roles and job performance?

  • Where are we (the participants in the teambuilding session ) as individuals? What is our individual style, and how does this style mesh/conflict with that of our coworkers? How does this style hinder or facilitate the attainment of departmental/organizational objectives?

  • What specific techniques can be used by the group to work more effectively as a team (eg. In terms of communication, problem solving, goal setting etc.)?

Teambuilding allows people to clear the air and communicate in a healthy and more constructive way. We have conducted teambuilding sessions with intact work groups and departments, managers and senior leadership teams.

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